Friday Night Question

From Campbell Live’s occasionally interminable coverage of the Crafer deal came this little jem on Wednesday. Skim past the blathering cow cocky and you’ll come to the rather better studio debate.

Is this the alternative the Opposition are giving to NZ?

Winston especially has been giving the punters their money’s worth. The 6% of us crazy enough to vote for him have got themselves a hell of an MP. I suspect that things may get tougher; we can be assured from Richard Prosser’s performance on this week’s Back Benchers that things have only got weirder.

Meanwhile the other half of the duo above has DimPost wondering just how much Blairism is enough.

Labour: I don’t think I’m alone in saying I have no idea what Shearer stands for, or what his goals as leader are. His statements have been awful vague, along the lines of: ‘what we have to do is figure out how to figure out what we have to do’. Some measure of introspection is fine, but this doesn’t scream, ‘leadership’. And it wasn’t reassuring to read this column by Vernon Small:

[Shearer’s] Christmas non-fiction reading included Mr Blair’s biography and the writings of Philip Gould, Baron Gould of Brookwood if you please, who died late last year.

Gould’s 1998 book The Unfinished Revolution – how the modernisers saved the Labour Party was the strategy bible penned by the man who was a key adviser and pollster to UK Labour in the general elections of 1987, 1992, 1997, 2001 and 2005.

Mr Shearer himself does not shy away from the parallels.

He freely admits he is not ideological Labour. Like Mr Blair he is keen to set aside the road blocks to a return to power. His guiding mantra “whatever works” flatters John Key with imitation.

Blair? Gould? It’s a little like those US army officers who went into Vietnam boasting about their mastery of the theory of tank warfare.

I’m less cynical in that I think that Shearer’s strong organisational background means that the Labour’s Parliamentary team will start getting it’s shit together a little more. Maybe it’s the easier going of the slowly souring second term, but Labour seems to be better engaged in the national dialogue. Are they riding shotgun on Winston?


One response to “Friday Night Question

  1. Betterer and betterer.
    Mind you,the lil ol’ NZ flick is but a trailer to the great Western main feature.

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