The neoliberalz

As a reader I struggle against the signal-to-noise ratio at The Standard. Everytime I visit I seem to slog through interminable bombast like this or this.

Which is a shame. One of the advantages of being run by the EPMU media team is that the industrial writing can be very good. Just take a gander at this wee cracker of post from Eddie on the effect of collective bargaining on wage rates.


I thought the Right understood markets….

In fact, they do, and that’s exactly why the neoliberals are so keen on breaking the unions and why John “love to see wages drop” and the bosses are making a big anti-union play this term. They know that unions mean higher pay. But they don’t want you knowing that.

Or rather, take a good long look at that graph: it’s beautiful. As for the prose – well, I suppose someone has to keep ranting about the neoliberalz.


2 responses to “The neoliberalz

  1. Don’t confuse content with style- it’s irritating, even bombastic. As for the aesthetics of graphology – well, strike me pink.

  2. Confusing content with style? Here’s me trying to gripe about lack of content!

    That graph is something though.

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