Holding a cricket bat

I dont like parliamentary debate in New Zealand. It doesn’t feel relevent, vital or interesting compared to more traditional modes politicians use to communicate with the public, such as appearing on Radio Sport or morning television.

So it’s nice to have my lazy cynicism of the House challenged by some rather good work by Julie Ann Genter.

I found this via James Henderson at the Standard, a man it seems who can’t help but vomit bile across his prose. Mocking the education of “Transport Minister Gerry Brownlee, whose qualification for the job is that he used to teach kids to make wooden toys” just confirms my opinion that collectively The Standard brings too much bad karma into the world. Gerry has his his faults; I wish The Standard could usefully assess them.

The decision to build the Roads of National Significance is awful, but it was taken with full advice. It merely continues a long kept tradition established here in the time of Vogel: pork-barrel practices acquired an irresistable hold and wrought upon the parliamentary machine a design which it has never lost.

And Genter shows what a well asked question or two can do in the House. For a new MP it is interesting to hear her speak, and with her slow and careful pronounciation like someone using a second or third language. Like Obama holding a cricket bat.

Genter embarrassed the Government pretty well there. She illustrated pretty clearly how the decision behind Roads of National Significance was venal and gross. Her question in then house can be read as the some version of the “fresh talent takes on tired career politician” storyline.

He aint Muldoon, and she sure aint Lange, but the same generational shift is playing out.


One response to “Holding a cricket bat

  1. ‘Gerry has his his faults; I wish The Standard could usefully assess them….’ that is, if you can’t or don’t wish to?
    Enough of the vomit!
    Perhaps some biliousness was inevitable given Brownlee’s penchant for the same. Did we hear a sarcy little ad hominem in his peroration?
    No expert indeed.

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