The Nation on Cunliffe

From TV3’s The Nation.

Farrar has eagerly blogged about the muzzling of Cunliffe

We now have a situation where Labour’s Economic Development spokesperson has been gagged from speaking publicly on economic development and related issues. This is not the sign of a happy camp, and indicates how tense things must be.

Tense? Maybe. But thankfully more disciplined than just two weeks ago. Labour’s caucus has been typified by a suicidal level of dysfunction since the electoral loss in 2009, and unless things improve it will remain unelectable. Shearer must impose himself if things are to improve. Goff’s greatest error was to avoid stepping forward – his more assertive performance during the election was a breath of fresh air.

Despite the muck-raking on Kiwiblog, I think Shearer will sleep a little sounder tonight.


3 responses to “The Nation on Cunliffe

  1. There are a few commentators who abhor the seemingly centrist drift of Labour ; Blair-with-balls is not exactly what they had in mind.On the other hand, if the disadvantaged choose to they can always go in search of a real left party to represent their interests.

  2. I disagree with the rightwards drift thesis – Shearer’s promise to restructure the economy means I’m not rushing to judge the abandoning the leftier policies of Goff’s election (tax-free $5k, GST off veges) as left or right. There must be bigger fish to fry than this piecemeal change – and Shearer has announced an intention to be ambitious in scope of reform. This is a tired political cliche, but one that makes me optimistic if accurate.

    But from Shearer’s vague amorphous public statements it is too early to say where he is on the political spectrum compared to Key, let alone Clark. This for me is more of a problem – his months of bland non-specific “positioning speeches” have yet to communicate anything meaningful.

    Simply put I wrote this post because I’m relieved to see the man making a decision and attempting to enforce party discipline. It implies to me that he has at least some idea of what he wants to do, which up until now hasn’t been evident.

  3. Well,there seems to be more than one version of what played out on Sunday. And at moment there’re a couple of wee issues that require a real time response. Don’t hold your breath.

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