Waitakere Woman?

Further to my last past on the irrelevance of the trope of the red-blooded-Shane-Jones-type Waitakere Man in the modern electorate, it is pertinent to look at policies that the National Government have pre-announced from this week’s budget. The theory being that if the concept of Waitakere Man was worth a damn then there should be plenty of evidence of National targeting their policy towards his valuable political interests.

So what hairy-chested policies have National pushed forward to snare this bloke?
Counseling for victims of sexual violence has been increased by $10.4 million.

$1 million tackle the country’s “nits epidemic”.

John Key says paid parental leave will be extended in budget.

Waitakere Man has never been more than an ideological burp; anthropomorphising two key issues with the 5th Labour Government. Firstly the failure of 3rd Way neoliberalism to address the economic interests of the working class, and secondly unease with which traditional patriarchal structures within the left are now forced to engage and share power with minority groups such as GLBT, ethnic minority groups and women.

Champions of Waitakere Man need to question why they championed support of anti-women or anti-GLBT stances. Instead of seeing him as a valuable part of the NZ electorate, perhaps Waitakere Man was coming from inside the house.


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